Welcome to Exhibiting Pain

‘Exhibiting Pain’ is a PhD research project looking at how creativity may help people to communicate what it is like to live with long-term (over 3 months) physical pain.

I am interested in how these works are interpreted by audiences so please share your responses and reflections on the exhibits; also, feel free to enter into friendly discussion about them, as you wish.

Please read the Information pages which have details about the project. I also ask that you read, complete and return the Exhibiting Pain, Audience Consent Form to me. It is attached below and on the Information Page. Your consent is assumed by your participation but it is helpful to me to have the signed form.

All works featured have been created by someone who has long-term physical pain and who has chosen to exhibit their piece. Please respect their copyright and the sensitive nature of the content exhibited here. Any inappropriate comments will be deleted and the person removed from the group. If you have a concern about a comment that has been posted, please contact me via the contact form or by email.

If you would like to exhibit your creative work about living with long-term physical pain, please get in touch with me. You will also find further information below and here.

Thank you for your interest and participation. I hope you enjoy the exhibition.

Best wishes



Exhibiting Pain Info Sheet

Exhibiting Pain, Audience Consent Form

Exhibiting Pain Info for creators

Exhibiting Pain, Creator Consent Form


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