Struggles by Dawnique Savala

Struggles by Dawnique Savala


I left this piece unfinished to speak of the struggles that I face with trying to learn to live with Rheumatoid Arthritis and with trying to continue making art.

RA has affected my hands so holding a paintbrush has become difficult so I’ve started painting with my fingers. I’ve used this as a way to incorporate my experience with this disease into my work. My technique is not the only thing that I use.

The shoes represent the idea that you can’t tell what a person is going through unless you walk in their shoes. I may look healthy on the outside but if you were to look inside you would see the war that my immune system has waged against my body.

One response to “Struggles by Dawnique Savala

  1. My first reaction to this was I miss my old shoes. When I began experiencing chronic pain I no longer had the option to wear fun shoes, even fun tennis shoes like the ones on the left. The shoes on the right remind me of my orthopedic shoes, although they are more attractive than the ones I have. They remind me of my orthopedic shoes because they look shapeless and somewhat like slippers. They would have room for orthotics.


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