Further information for creators

Thank you for your interest in featuring your work in the online exhibition(s), ‘Exhibiting Pain’. I would be grateful if you could read this information, and complete and return the Creator Consent form. Doing so will enable me to feature your piece(s) in the exhibition(s), which I very much hope to do.

What will happen to my piece(s)?

Your creative pieces (or, images of) will feature in one or both online exhibitions which are being hosted on social media websites. One is a publicly viewable WordPress blog exhibition. The other is a closed Facebook group exhibition; being ‘closed’ means that members need to make a request to join. The works featured in the Facebook group cannot be seen until membership is approved by the administrator (as researcher, this will be me).

Audience members will be encouraged to share their thoughts in response to viewing the creative works. This might include, for example, how the work makes them feel, what it tells them about pain, what they think the creator is trying to say.

Can I take part in the exhibition discussions?

Yes, that would be great! If you would like to take part in the discussions on either or both sites, you are very welcome to do so. It’s likely that other audience members would enjoy discussing the pieces with creators, where possible.

How will my creative piece be used, what about copyright?

You will retain all copyright of the pieces and this will be made clear on the websites. In addition, all audience members are asked to complete a consent form too, which includes agreement to respect the creators’ copyright and to not post anything offensive or distressing (unsuitable posts or comments will be removed).

Your work can be exhibited without your name if you prefer and you may choose what text accompanies it (if any). As the pieces will be displayed online it is important to note that audience members may wish to save a version or share it with a friend (where website permissions allow). If you wish to have a faint copyright ‘watermark’ inserted on to the image, this can be arranged.

It is possible that I would like to include a copy of your creative piece in my research findings and/or promotion of the project. If this is the case, I will contact you to seek your permission.

Does my work have to be included in both exhibitions?

No, if you prefer to have your work in only one exhibition, for example the more private Facebook group, then please indicate this on the consent form.

What if I change my mind and wish to withdraw?

You have the right to withdraw your creative work and/or contributions to the discussion data at any stage prior to the publication of findings. Data specifically attached to your creative work will also be withdrawn.


What are the risks and benefits of taking part?

You may find it uncomfortable to share your creative piece publicly and/or to view comments posted in response to it. However, it is possible for you to exhibit anonymously and there is no requirement for you to view the comments. Details of relevant support organisations can be found on the general Exhibiting Pain Information Sheet.

It is possible that you may enjoy receiving feedback on your creative work and entering into discussions with audience members. It is hoped that the exhibition will help to raise awareness of what it is like to live with long-term physical pain. For this reason you may find it a very rewarding experience to share your work and view that of others.

Going ahead?

If you would like to proceed with exhibiting your work, please complete and return the Exhibiting Pain, Creator Consent Form and email me – I look forward to working with you!


Researcher contact details:

Susanne (Sue) Main

PhD Candidate

Faculty of Health & Social Care         T: 01908 655606

The Open University                             E: susanne.main@open.ac.uk

Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA

Lead Supervisor:

Dr. Caroline Holland

E: caroline.holland@open.ac.uk     T: 01908 654680

Additional supervisors:

Emeritus Prof. Rose Barbour          E: rose.barbour@open.ac.uk

Dr. Joan Simons                                  E: joan.simons@open.ac.uk