Exhibiting Pain Home

Welcome to Exhibiting Pain, a PhD research project looking at how creativity may help people to communicate the experience of living with long-term* physical pain (see General Information).

The project explores audience responses to viewing the works and the use of social media based exhibitions to share them.

Data collection for the research ceased on 9th October 2016 and is now being analysed, using multimodal and social semiotic approaches. Both the Facebook group and this exhibition remain live so that the benefits of sharing these works can continue. Additional works continue to be added to the galleries.

All works featured have been created by someone who lives with long-term pain and who has chosen to exhibit their piece. Please respect their copyright and the sensitive nature of the content posted here.

Thank you for your interest in the Exhibiting Pain research project. Please click on the image below to enter the exhibition or select a work from one of the menus (images or titles).

Gallery Doors

Contact Susanne

* Chronic or persistent pain is that which has lasted over 3 months


3 responses to “Exhibiting Pain Home

  1. Note to self: I have a wordpress account, created by me, who knew? Rather, who remembered? Memory, mine, one of the my many one cherished personal traits often overwhelmed by pain and isolation. Not always. Sporadic.
    Variety of sporadic losses and constant pain. Mild pain, middle of the road pain, intense pain, all pain must be escorted. Your, now diminished perhaps, sense of humor chaperones, moderates, makes you easier to tolerate for other people, the few left in your now tiny world. Not open for debate.
    Your humanity goes. This right after you stop laughing at yourself. You may not violate your own values, you must treat others with love, kindness, and respect.
    Do not despair, decent doctors do exist. I know two, three, and some super PA’s, two perhaps, a few more in the medical field. My standards are very, very low, I have been sick for close to twenty years. Very sad for all of us, I think. For I have encountered vile individuals. Liars, lazy, cheats. Incompetent at best. Record changing non-compliant uneducated, stupid, mean, revolting practitioners, low self-esteem translating into abusive behavior toward all. Racist sexist revolting humans. Forgive me for holding back.


    • The exhibition is ongoing at present. Once I’ve completed data collection period I will be adding additional works by the artist’s so please do return!

      If you have any further queries please feel welcome to email me.

      Also, I’d love to receive any feedback via the Visitor Feedback Form – its all really valuable for my research, thank you.
      Best, Sue


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