My Body by George Emma

G Emma_My Body.jpg

Creativity always helps. We are creations – we create daily, every minute; some of us choose to see this and some not. It is all about the individuals’ perspective.

People have no idea how it feels inside to live with pain, to be in pain non-stop.

I try hard to avoid showing people the truth of my condition because people do not like to see the pain and suffering. People will see me and judge me because of my appearance.

Living with chronic pain is a stigma and having depression is a way bigger one. So as a chronic pain patient I am limited inside my body and way too limited in society.

There are people who understand and people who pity me and people who use my disadvantage and jump the queue.

People who push me on the pavement and people who expect me to make space for them as I am not considered equal.

People who are just curious and people who may be interested in meeting you but when they see the cane or ankle support, they look away.

It is another disappointment because even medics behave the same way sometimes.

I know pain is very difficult to understand and to cure. Yet I am a human being living on earth, under the same sky breathing the same air. It is unfair to be discriminated against because of my condition and to be put on the side.

I do not blame anyone; it is just the way society is.

Chronic pain is a slow killer.




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