Buried Alive by Angela Talamantez

Buried Alive, collage in greys, black and some pink and white. Features words 'Buried Alive Again and again' across it and a figure huddled beneath parts of building

Collage on paper, ink 22″ x 12″

The physical and mental cycle of pain after being buried under a roof collapse in a pool. The cycle of pain felt like it would never end.


Physical Therapy watermarked.jpg

Physical Therapy

Aquatic PT during recovery from a roof collapsing on me in a gym swimming pool. Overcoming my fear of the pool and trying to find peace again in the water.


2 responses to “Buried Alive by Angela Talamantez

    • Sometimes I think we worry too much about how ‘good’ we think something is. If it helps you, do it! In the process you may help and interest other people more than you expect 🙂


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