Pain Without Words by Deborah Ann

clay feet in red box with ice cubes and debris, feet are red and grazed

Paper mache’ clay, cardboard, glass, wire and spray paint, 14″ (L) x 14″ (W ) x 12″ (D)

I have peripheral neuropathy and find it impossible to describe having feet as dead and heavy as rocks while so sensitive that touch causes sharp pain, so I created this piece as a way of showing people what this is like. It also helps me put the pain outside of my body so it doesn’t consume my mind.

Artist’s website:



3 responses to “Pain Without Words by Deborah Ann

  1. I agree with Marianne and Annette, this is a striking sculpture and is for me the piece out of all the entries that made me feel something; a very heavy and intense piece of artwork that I can relate to as a sufferer of chronic pain.
    Thank you for sharing these!


  2. This illustration speaks volumes without explanation. To me, it is the most striking of all the entries, some of which needed a lot of words to consolidate the idea. This one speaks without words.


  3. This is a striking sculpture. When looking at the chards of glass/pebbles within the feet, it has a true depiction of what is being experienced by the artist. I actually ‘felt’ the pain due to its visual impact. The reddened areas of the feet give a clear illusion of pain. Because the feet are grey, this indicates that there is no real life to the feet; without blood flowing through the veins. This gives an impression of heaviness. The fact that the feet are joined by a base also suggests lack of movement.


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