Out of the box (2015) by Kiris Ralph

Cardboard box with fragile tape around it and a green and red hand out of lid at side. Poem printed on paper stuck on front.

Mixed Media

Out of the box

I think it’s a box,

Yes, I’m inside the box.

Can you hear me? Can you see me?

I would call to you if I could,

But I don’t have a voice, I don’t have the words,

That would tell you where I am, that would tell you how I feel,

That would ask you to help me.

I’m inside the box, I’m inside the box, I’m inside the box,

Can you see me?

The creature inside tries to hide me, Tries to ride me, tries to guide me.

For a long time I stood still, Had no free will,

As it dragged me like its kill.

And then, like a dazzling sunrise, I was filled with hope,

At first I had to drag my aching body,

And take tears with every step,

But hope grew and grew,

And each day a little of me began to shine,

To feel my strength, my resilience.

Stronger I grew and stronger I am.

I still live everyday with this creature,

And it tries all its tricks and its fear,

Some days will be harder than others,

But I get to the end of the day,

And I recall when I wasn’t here,

And I look for the hope in tomorrow,

And lock that foul creature away…IN THE BOX.




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